Fast Tap Machines

FAST TAP 1000, 800, 400, 200 & 90

  • Produces high quality threads
  • Ideal for blind and through holes
  • Can be used by unskilled labour
  • Convential taps or roll taps
  • Free up your CNC machines
  • Air Pressure Flow PSI 90
  • No indexing or moving workpieces

Each machine comes complete and ready for operation with:

  • Parallel arm for vertical tapping with 48" (1200mm) reach
  • Air preparation unit with mist lubricator, Waste trap, pressure gauge and regulator
  • Air drivern reversible tapping motor
  • Quick change tapholder (Bliz type)
  • Exhaust noise muffler



XYZ Part
  Max Capacity   Speed RPM
    Steel Aluminium No load
2052 Fast Tap 1000 M6  M8 1200
2055 Fast Tap 800 M10 M12 800
2054 Fast Tap 400 M12 M14 400
2053 Fast Tap 200 M16 M24 250/800
2056 Fast Tap 90 M24 M24 90/250


To help choose the correct tap chuck for your Fast Tap look at the Chuck & Tap size chart below.

Chuck & Tap Size Chart: click here for more information

For a general chart on tapping drill sizes you can download the following table

Tapping Drill Sizes: click here for more information

XYZ Part No. Description Web Price Quantity
XYZ Fast Tap 1000 Complete 2052 New Fast Tap 1000 Max Tapping: M1 to M6 - Steel, M1 to M8 Aluminium

Part Reference: XYZFT100
Available: 1
XYZ Fast Tap 800 Complete 2055 New Fast Tap 800 Max Tapping: M1 to M10 -Steel, M1 to M12 - Aluminium

Part Reference: XYZFT800
Available: 1
XYZ Fast Tap 400 Complete 2054 New Fast Tap 400 Max Tapping: M1 to M12 -Steel, M1 to M14 - Aluminium

Part Reference: XYZFT400
Available: 4
XYZ Fast Tap 200 Complete 2053 New Fast Tap 200 Max Tapping: M1 to M16 -Steel, M1 to M24 - Aluminium, 2 Speed Motor

Part Reference: XYZFT200
Available: 0
XYZ Fast Tap 90 Complete 2056 New Fast Tap 90 Max Tapping: M1 to M24 -Steel, M1 to M24 - Aluminium, 2 Speed Motor

Part Reference: XYZFT90
Available: 0