Formatted Program USB Drive For MX AGE LX VM VL SM SMX SLX

Part Reference: 27705-PROG

XYZ Part Number: 17040

Floppy disk drives and floppy disks are no longer available from XYZ.

XYZ offers USB floppy emulators to replace the system disk and/or programme storage drives of the following controls:

  • MX2 (Combined System/programme storage disk only)
  • MX3
  • AGE2/3
  • EDGE (Combined System/programme storage disk only)
  • VM/VL/SM (programme storage disk only)
  • SMX/SLX (early controls with programme storage floppy disk drive

Changing a USB emulator may not fix a faulty control, there may well be more wrong with your control causing the floppy disc drive not to work. In this case you will have to purchase a service exchange unit.

You can return the USB emulator for a refund subject to our returns policy.

We Strongly recommend to go for a service exchange pendant / module which are refurbished and fitted with USB emulators.

For MX and AGE controls, it is reasonably straight forward for customers to fit the USB floppy emulators, in place of the original floppy drives, themselves. However, there a couple of problems you may encounter:

  • The connector position on the emulators is slightly different to the original floppy drives, so you may find that the ribbon cable is not be long enough to connect between an original floppy drive and a new emulator.  For this reason, we strongly recommend you replace both system and programme storage drives together.
  • Some MX2 Systems may not boot with the emulators fitted. If you encounter this problem, then you have no choice but to order a service exchange computer module (which will come with an emulator fitted). Unfortunately, there is no way to tell in advance if you will have bootup problems, so, we strongly recommend you invest in a service exchnage computer module rather than trying to install an emulator yourself. 

For the other controls, the conversion process requires dismantling the control pendant and XYZ would strongly recommend customers purchase a service exchange pendant.

There is one USB, floppy drive emulator (XYZ part number 17039) which can be used in any control originally fitted with a floppy disk drive.  But, please ensure you set the jumpers correctly,


 There is also only one parts programme USB drive (part number 17040) which can be used in any control (except MX2 and EDGE).  You can purchase as many of these USB drives as you require to store all of your programmes.  These USB sticks are specially configured (to 1.44MB) to work with the USB emulators; off-the-shelf USB sticks will not work.  To transfer your programmes onto the new programme USB drive insert your floppy disk and new USB parts programme drive into any Windows desktop/laptop PC and copy over using the normal file copying tools.  If your desktop PC does not have a floppy disk drive, then please purchase an external floppy drive with USB interface (XYZ part number 245).


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