PT3 Pendant Service Exchange AGE LX MX Plus Overlay.

Part Reference: 15500

XYZ Part Number: 15500


This item is a generic PT3 Service Exchange Pendant that can be used for AGE LX & MX types.

When Ordering Please Specify In The Special Instuctions Box At the Check Out Which Version You Have So the Correct Overlay can Be Installed.

  • MX2 Pendant - 15814
  • MX3 Pendant - 16274
  • LX2 Pendant - 21262-1
  • LX3 Pendant - 21262
  • AGE2 Pendant - 21082-1
  • AGE3 Pendant - 21082-2

This Part Is non Returnable & Comes With 2 Week Buffer Warranty To Report Any Issues

To ensure its your pendant at fault please do this simple test-

With the power on simply disconnect the 37 pin logic cable on the back of the monitor. If the screen is working ok you will see 9 horizontal bars across the screen this means its your computer module at fault. If the screen stays blank you need a replacement pendant.

(We No Longer Offer a Pendant or Module Repair Service)

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